At the conclusion of the Define process and introductory workshop, the Leadership Team will have a solid idea of program objectives and process. They will also have many ideas regarding initial opportunities for improvement that contribute greatest value to the enterprise business/mission objectives.

The first step of the Identify phase is to reexamine the Leadership Team and make certain that all the functions and disciplines necessary to implement the program are present and represented by active, committed team members. Reevaluating team composition, adjusting membership as indicated, is a continuous effort to assure all opportunities are represented with contributing people as the program moves forward.

With the Leadership Team solidified, opportunities to improve in areas that will contribute most to business/mission objectives and value are identified, refined, and value prioritized by contribution to enterprise business and mission objectives.

Many of the processes and examples cited in this chapter refer primarily to manufacturing/production enterprises, as these are more easily generalized. The same principles apply to mission-centric and administrative-type enterprises.


As illustrated in the summarized flow diagram shown in Figure 12.1, one of the first activities for the Leadership Team is to identify and validate all processes, systems, organization, and functions ...

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