This book is addressed to three constituencies:

  1. Executives and senior management: the text provides a solid definition of the concept and principles of Operational Excellence, the business/mission benefits and the value it will produce, and the importance leading enterprises have placed on its successful implementation. This information is contained in the first five chapters along with principles, requirements, basics of implementation, and commitment necessary for success. Consider the five chapters as an overly long executive summary of the details that follow.
  2. Leaders and third parties chartered to lead, manage, and facilitate an Operational Excellence initiative: specific information detailing the establishment and effective implementation of the program. An Operational Excellence program produces results meeting all expectations and, of course, makes them look good in the process.
  3. People within an enterprise participating in Operational Excellence: this group will find definitive principles and a detailed implementing roadmap to assure all are on the same page, working effectively to common objectives. Expectations, requirements, and mutual responsibilities are fully identified and aligned to assure maximum success.


The concepts and details that follow have been developed and refined over more than a decade of workshops and interactions with enterprises and people directly involved in seeking ...

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