Chapter 6. Case Studies in Operationalizing AI

The following case studies show a progression of operationalizing AI, ranging from organizations that are early in the journey to those following mature practices. We thank our colleagues at Red Bull, Capital One, and Wunderman Thompson for sharing their experiences and perspectives on operationalizing AI.

The following case study from Red Bull demonstrates a remarkable data science practice, considering that the company is an established leader in the food and beverage (F&B) vertical, not a tech startup. Its team has exceptionally sophisticated AI applications in production. Having a leader who understands the business in detail while also understanding how to translate between AI technology capabilities and business opportunities has played a vital role in elevating to the corporate executive level the case for establishing a strong AI practice. Given that F&B firms are not generally known as AI innovators, plus the usual need to work within some legacy architectures, the Red Bull team has developed its data and AI strategy remarkably over the past decade. In particular, this case study illustrates the team’s process for determining relative investments in different use cases, which is an early form of implementing an AI Factory.

Red Bull: Sandcastle—Log Cabin—Castle

Red ...

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