1. Jack, the owner and manager of Jack's Box Company, wants to monitor usage at Work Center 3, which is a bottleneck in the system. He has collected data on the planned and actual input and output.



(a) Complete the input/output record.

(b) Describe your concerns based on the results of the input/output analysis.

2. Since Jack believes that Work Center 3 is his bottleneck, he has asked you to do the following:

(a) Calculate the percentage of planned output needed to complete the planned inputs (planned input 1 backlog/ planned output) at Work Center 3.

(b) Calculate the percentage of planned input that actually happened (actual input + backlog/planned input + backlog).

(c) Calculate the percentage of available output that was actually accomplished (actual output/planned output) at Work Center 3.

(d) Given your results, do you believe that Jack is correct in assuming that Work Center 3 is his bottleneck? Justify your answer.

3. Based on your concerns, Jack has gathered the following information for Work Center 2, the work center that directly feeds Work Center 3. Complete the input/output analysis of Work Center 2.

Input Information (in hours)


Output Information (in hours) ...

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