Chapter 3. Statistical Process Control

In this chapter, you will learn about . . .

  • The Basics of Statistical Process Control

  • Control Charts

  • Control Charts for Attributes

  • Control Charts for Variables

  • Control Chart Patterns

  • SPC with Excel and OM Tools

  • Process Capability

Statistical Process Control

Web resources for this chapter include

  • OM Tools Software

  • Animated Demo Problems

  • Internet Exercises

  • Online Practice Quizzes

  • Lecture Slides in PowerPoint

  • Virtual Tours

  • Excel Exhibits

  • Company and Resource Weblinks

Statistical Process Control AT MARS AND HERSHEY'S

HERSHEY'S QUALITY THROUGH EXCELLENCE (QTE) Program and Mars' Quality Management Process (QMP) are both based on Total Quality Management (TQM) principles, and thus use various statistical process contol (SPC) techniques to monitor their manufacturing processes to maintain product quality and to continually and quickly execute process improvements. Hershey Company produces over 80 million kisses each day and each one must adhere to exacting standards for taste, appearance, weight, and packaging (with its signature foil wrapper and paper plume), within very small product design tolerances. Samples are continually taken to measure these different product attributes and features to make sure they do not vary from what they are supposed to be; that is that each kiss tastes exactly as it was originally designed to taste in 1907, weighs what it's supposed to, ...

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