Chapter 4. Product Design

In this chapter, you will learn about . . .

  • The Design Process

  • Rapid Prototyping and Concurrent Design

  • Technology in Design

  • Design Quality Reviews

  • Design for Environment

  • Quality Function Deployment

  • Design for Robustness

Web resources for this chapter include

  • OM Tools Software

  • Internet Exercises

  • Online Practice Quizzes

  • Lecture Slides in PowerPoint

  • Virtual Tours

  • Excel Worksheets

  • Company and Resource Weblinks

Product Design

Product Design AT MARS

Mars takes a cross-functional approach to product development in which people from R&D, plant operations, packaging, marketing, and other departments all play key and formalized roles. One difference in recent years is the inclusion of the extended supply chain. Supply chain partners make a good "bridge" between functional units because they encompass external as well as internal suppliers of ingredients, equipment, packaging, and other components of a product launch, as well as the logistics involved in bringing them all together.

To begin with, Mars has a network of global R&D centers from the United States to the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Australia, and the United Kingdom. The R&D heads meet in person for a week-long planning session each year and follow up with quarterly updates and monthly conference calls. A global Wiki maintains an online dialog with Mars employees, and a vendors assurance group gathers information ...

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