Chapter 5. Service Design

In this chapter, you will learn about . . .

  • The Service Economy

  • Characteristics of Services

  • The Service Design Process

  • Tools for Service Design

  • Waiting Line Analysis for Service Improvement

Service Design

Web resources for this chapter include

  • OM Tools Software

  • Internet Exercises

  • Online Practice Quizzes

  • Lecture Slides in PowerPoint

  • Virtual Tours

  • Excel Exhibits

  • Company and Resource Weblinks

Service Design AT HERSHEY'S

IN ADDITION TO MAKING AND SELLING CHOCOLATE products, Hershey's has several special retail outlets and theme parks that reinforce the Hershey's brand and create shared experiences for Hershey's customers. No visit to Times Square in New York City is complete without a visit to Hershey's with its 215-feet tall, 60-feet wide storefront, the largest permanent fixture ever constructed in Times Square. The store offers interactive activities as well as a wide selection of products and personalized candies. Hershey's Chicago provides a factory worker's view of chocolate making and sponsors field trips, birthday bashes, and scouting events. Hershey's Niagara Falls offers their own rendition of a chocolate waterfall, and Hershey's Shanghai surrounds the customer with the sights and smells of every conceivable chocolate product.

These special stores display Hershey's products and accessories and create an atmosphere of fun and excitement. The theme park ...

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