Chapter 8. Human Resources

In this chapter, you will learn about. . .

  • Human Resources and Quality Management

  • The Changing Nature of Human Resources Management

  • Contemporary Trends in Human Resources Management

  • Employee Compensation

  • Managing Diversity in the Workplace

  • Job Design

  • Job Analysis

  • Learning Curves

Human Resources

Web resources for this chapter include

  • OM Tools Software

  • Animated Demo Problems

  • Internet Exercises

  • Online Practice Quizzes

  • Lecture Slides in PowerPoint

  • Virtual Tours

  • Excel Exhibits

  • Company and Resource Weblinks

Human Resources AT HERSHEY'S

Hershey's is committed to a diverse and all-inclusive workforce. The company provides a variety of opportunities for its employees to learn and grow in the work environment and the community. Hershey's sponsors Diversity Councils and Affinity Groups that provide forums for employees to make and discuss recommendations on increasing productivity and improving the quality of the work environment. These include the Asian Affinity Group, the African American Affinity Group, and the Hispanic Affinity Group, that foster an environment of support, and cultural and personal growth and development, aimed at making Hershey's the employer of choice for these groups. Prism, a resource for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender employees, seeks to improve the quality of the work environment for all Hershey's employees. The Women's Council promotes ...

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