Chapter 16. Lean Systems

In this chapter, you will learn about . . .

  • The Basic Elements of Lean Production

  • The Benefits of Lean Production

  • Implementing Lean Production

  • Lean Services

Lean Systems

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Lean Production AT MARS AND NESTLÉ

Mars, Inc., manufactures and markets M&Ms, Mars candy bars, and other popular snack products. The company gains a competitive edge through manufacturing know-how and process innovation. Thus, in spite of industry trends to outsource, Mars continues to make its own chocolate and chocolate liquor. The company has expanded from traditional process manufacturing to custom manufacturing of personalized products.

There are two distinctly different production systems operating within Mars' Hackettstown, New Jersey, plant. One part of the plant is set up with high-volume production lines and dedicated equipment for producing standard M&Ms; the other portion is set up for extremely short-run, rapidchangeover production of personalized, made-to-order M&Ms with custom printed names, phrases, or logos. It is in this second area that Mars first introduced the principles of lean production for fast changeovers and waste reduction.

From its beginning in the custom manufacturing sector ...

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