Chapter 17. Scheduling

In this chapter, you will learn about . . .

  • Objectives in Scheduling

  • Loading

  • Sequencing

  • Monitoring

  • Advanced Planning and Scheduling Systems

  • Theory of Constraints

  • Employee Scheduling


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  • Internet Exercises

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  • Lecture Slides in PowerPoint

  • Virtual Tours

  • Excel Exhibits

  • Company and Resource Weblinks


The Ghirardelli Chocolate Company, headquartered in San Francisco, produces over 45 million pounds of premium chocolate each year. The company manufactures and markets its own chocolate from raw cocoa beans to finished product, using proprietary methods of blending, roasting, and processing to create over 400 unique chocolate products. Recently, Ghirardelli began using a specialized factory scheduling system to streamline production, control costs, and respond to changes in demand. Prior to the new system, a monthly requirements plan generated from the company's ERP system (J. D. Edwards) was downloaded into Excel spreadsheets for managers to manually build production schedules. The manual production schedules assigned work to machines, but did not schedule labor or consider an efficient sequence of product changeovers on the production lines. The new system, called Factory Scheduler, was designed for process industries where production is based on formulas ...

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