Chapter 1:Operations Strategy and Global Competitiveness


Customer Value

Strategy and Competitiveness

Chapter 2:Process Planning and Design

Forms of Transformation Systems

Selection of a Transformation System

Chapter 3:Controlling Processes

Monitoring and Control

Process Monitoring

Process Control

Controlling Service Quality

Chapter 4:Process Improvement: Minimizing Variation Through Six Sigma

Approaches for Process Improvement

Business Process Design (Reengineering)

Six Sigma and the DMAIC Improvement Process

Example Six Sigma Project

The Define Phase

The Measure Phase

The Analyze Phase

The Improve Phase

The Control Phase

Six Sigma in Practice

Chapter 5:Process Improvement: Reducing Waste Through Lean

History and Philosophy of Lean

Traditional Systems Compared with Lean

Specify Value

Identify the Value Stream

Make Value Flow

Pull Value Through the Value Stream

Pursue Perfection

Benefits of Lean

Lean Six Sigma

Chapter 6:Managing Process Improvement Projects

Defining a Project

Planning the Project

Scheduling the Project

Controlling the Project: Earned Value

Chapter 7:Supply Chain Management

Defining Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Strategy

Supply Chain Design

Outsourcing and Global Sourcing

Inventory Management

Role of Information Technology

Successful Supply Chain Management

Chapter 7 Supplement A: The Beer Game

Chapter 7 Supplement B: The Economic Order Quantity Model

Chapter 8:Capacity, Scheduling, and Location Planning

Long-term Capacity Planning

Location ...

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