Long description

Four work elements are shown, but only values for R, F, and R F are filled in. 10 observations are shown. Values for T, and the average of T, are blank. For work element 1, get two cartons, every other observation of the 10 for R are blank. Work elements 2 through 4 are put liner in carton, place cups in carton, and seal carton, set aside. Values for R of all 10 observations are filled in. Observations 1 to 10 for the R of work elements 1 to 4 are as follows.

Work element Observation 1 Observation 2 Observation 3 Observation 4 Observation 5 Observation 6 Observation 7 Observation 8 Observation 9 Observation 10
1, get two cartons. 0.48 blank 4.85 blank 9.14 blank 13.53 blank 17.83 blank
2, put liner in carton. 0.59 2.56 ...

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