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Manufacturing & Industrial Engineering
“The book provides a technically sound, yet very readable, description of
various state-of-the-art mathematical programming techniques that can be
used to tackle relevant operations planning problems. … Because it covers
a wide range of techniques, the book can also be used to introduce readers
to various concepts in mathematical programming, even if they dont
have a particular interest in operations planning. In that case, the specic
operations planning problems merely serve to illustrate the techniques.
—Albert P.M. Wagelmans, Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands
… an excellent treatment of many important issues in operations planning.
… Dr. Geunes offers various optimization models (building on the concepts
introduced earlier) contributed by researchers in the eld. Finally, there are
just enough exercises and examples provided to make this book more than
simply a technical reference on each subject.
—Kevin Taaffe, Associate Professor, Clemson University
A reference for those working at the interface
of operations planning and optimization
modeling, Operations Planning: Mixed
Integer Optimization Models blends
essential theory and powerful approaches
to practical operations planning problems.
It presents a set of classical optimization
models with widespread application in
operations planning. The discussion of each
of these classical models begins with the
motivation for studying the problem as well
as examples of the problems application
in operations planning contexts. The book
explores special structural results and
properties of optimal solutions that have led
to effective algorithmic solution approaches
for each problem class.
Mixed Integer Optimization Models
Joseph Geunes

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