With the telecommunications industry slowdown, network providers are searching for ways to address increasing bandwidth demand, reductions in revenue and staff, and quality of service (QoS) expectations. Part of the solution is to form a strategic testing plan for the optical network that addresses the T&M issues at each phase of the network configuration management system development (fiber manufacturing, installation, dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) commissioning, transport life cycle, and network operation) [2].

The right plan will optimize network performance and bandwidth for maximum network revenue generation. Forming a comprehensive strategic testing plan requires partnering with a strategic T&M company that has a complete understanding of the optical-network life cycle and can offer solutions for each phase. During each phase, certain T&M requirements should be defined and obtained that address and assist the current deployment plan while anticipating upgrade and revenue generation plans [2].

12.6.1. Fiber Manufacturing Phase

A strategic testing plan for the optical network starts with the purchase of fiber cables that have been thoroughly characterized in fiber geometry, attenuation, and chromatic and polarization-mode dispersion (CD and PMD). For instance, for lowest loss terminations at installation, it is critical that geometric properties such as cladding diameter and core/clad concentricity (offset) are ...

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