Roadmap to Success: Content Marketing Strategy

A house is only as stable as its foundation, and so far we’ve covered several foundational concepts for an effective content marketing strategy, from understanding where search engine optimization, social media, and content intersect to essential research and customer-persona development. Translating these key pieces of the puzzle will help you take one of the most important steps in the journey to an optimized content marketing strategy.

In this chapter we will cover both the independent roles of search optimization, social media, and content marketing and a framework for integrating an approach that can improve overall online marketing effectiveness.

From my long-time experience working in sales, SEO, and web development, I’ve encountered a wide variety of business marketing problems and observed some common threads. In this chapter I will discuss common issues faced by content marketers and how a more holistic approach to integrated search, social media, and content marketing can result in improved marketing performance, more sales, and better customer experiences.


When Don Glass assumed his new role as director of marketing at a five-year-old software company, he inherited the marketing legacy of his predecessor. This included siloed marketing and advertising tactics, an out-of-date website, long-expired SEO efforts, a token social media presence, and heavy pay-per-click (PPC) advertising ...

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