Optimize Your Greatest Asset -- Your People: How to Apply Analytics to Big Data to Improve Your Human Capital Investments

Book description

Drive better business strategy with practical analytics for people data

Optimize Your Greatest Asset — Your People brings advanced analytics into Human Resources, giving you a framework for optimizing human capital investments through predictive analysis. You'll learn how to transition from anecdotes and surveys to more advanced measurement techniques, and combine the data from multiple systems into a unified plan of action that improves business results. Practical examples and case studies show how these techniques are applied in real-world settings, and executives and thought leaders weigh in on how advanced analytics are informing better business decisions every day. Coverage includes the latest research on the state of current HR measurement techniques, as well as the important considerations surrounding data security and employee trust.

Executives and managers alike are swimming in pools of people data, spread across multiple systems that don't talk to each other. This book shows you how to bring that data together, organize it, and turn it into useful information, and how to build your data strategy to take advantage of the wealth of available tools.

  • Produce actionable intelligence with data from multiple systems

  • Move beyond activity metrics and into advanced measurements

  • Create stronger policy covering security, privacy, and ethics

  • Achieve sophisticated HR analytics without breaking employee trust

  • It's time for HR leaders to get over their fear of Big Data. Good data drives good business, and human capital is the biggest asset a company has. Start measuring the things that matter, and start turning those measurements into actual information that goes beyond the spreadsheet. Optimize Your Greatest Asset — Your People shows you how to get started, and where to go from there.

    Table of contents

    1. Title Page
    2. Copyright
    3. Dedication
    4. Foreword
    5. Preface
    6. Acknowledgments
    7. Chapter 1: The Need for Measurement in a Changing Environment
      1. Analytics Give Companies a Competitive Edge
      2. Everybody's Doing It
      3. Transcending Borders
      4. Slim Down, Do More
      5. Everybody Wins
      6. Changing Workforce
      7. Who's Working Today?
      8. How Are Employers Responding to Generation Z?
      9. The Boomers Are Still Here
      10. What about Generation X?
      11. So Now What?
      12. Notes
    8. Chapter 2: What Exactly Is Predictive Analytics, and Why Is It Useful?
      1. Workforce Planning
      2. Workforce Optimization
      3. What Can Analytics Do for You?
      4. Using Macroeconomic Data at Wells Fargo
      5. Reducing Turnover with Unstructured Data
      6. Notes
    9. Chapter 3: The State of Human Capital Analytics
      1. Profiling the Early Adopters
      2. Barriers and Key Enablers to Success
      3. Notes
    10. Chapter 4: From Data to Action
      1. The Continuum of Analytics
      2. Taking Action
      3. Designing the Study
      4. Conducting the Study
      5. Other Differentiators
      6. Notes
    11. Chapter 5: The Big Data Conundrum
      1. Death by Dashboard
      2. What to Do
      3. Descriptive Analysis
      4. How Much Data Is Big?
      5. Ethics and Other Considerations
      6. The Career Perspective
      7. The New Art of HR
      8. Big Data: Passing Trend or Here to Stay?
      9. Notes
    12. Chapter 6: The Future of Talent Investments
      1. Tools and Technology
      2. Talent Acquisition and Management
      3. Learning Customization
      4. The Future Workforce
      5. Notes
    13. Appendix A: 2014 Human Capital Analytics Study (Making Human Capital Analytics Work): October 2014
      1. Quick Facts
      2. Purpose and Overview of the Study
      3. The Organization, Structure, and Operation of Human Capital Analytics Practice
      4. Project Selection Types and Use of Analytics
      5. Maturity, Progress, and Success
      6. Summary
    14. Appendix B: Driving Talent Development with Data
      1. Introduction
      2. Understanding Human Capital Analytics
      3. The Human Capital Analytics Continuum
      4. How to Start a Measurement Strategy
      5. When Human Capital Analytics Pay Off
      6. Conclusion
      7. Sources
    15. Appendix C: Training Case Studies
      1. ACS: Analysis of a Call Center Agent Turnover
      2. Chrysler LLC: Sales Consultant Training
      3. Chrysler Academy: Sales Manager Training
      4. US Bank: Retail Branch Manager Training
      5. Sun Microsystems: New Director Training
    16. Appendix D: Leadership Development Case Studies
      1. National Grid: Foundations of Leadership
      2. ConAgra Foods: Foundations of Leadership
    17. Appendix E: Mentoring Case Study
      1. Sun Microsystems: University Mentoring Program
    18. Appendix F: Social Learning Case Study
      1. Sun Learning Services: SUN Learning eXchange (SLX)
    19. Appendix G: Performance Management Case Study
      1. VF Corporation: Measuring the Impact of Performance Management—Maximizing Performance
    20. Appendix H: Words of Wisdom from Human Capital Analytics Practitioners
    21. About the Author
    22. Index
    23. End User License Agreement

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    • Title: Optimize Your Greatest Asset -- Your People: How to Apply Analytics to Big Data to Improve Your Human Capital Investments
    • Author(s):
    • Release date: August 2015
    • Publisher(s): Wiley
    • ISBN: 9781119004387