Appendix A2014 Human Capital Analytics Study (Making Human Capital Analytics Work)

October 2014

Conducted by:

Jack Phillips, Patti Phillips, Leslie Hoyer

ROI Institute

Gene Pease, Stacey Boyle and Mia Heckendorf


Quick Facts

It was important to have a study that reflects input from organizations with dedicated human capital analytics (HCA) resources. Consequently, the study was designed so that as participants began completing the survey a question was asked about dedicated resources. If there were no dedicated resources (planned or current), they were automatically kicked out of the study. In total, 23 percent were actually filtered out because of this. The result is a group of 114 organizations, with 5 percent of them in the planning mode. More than 100 organizations with dedicated resources are represented in the following summary:

Survey findings:

  • The majority of HCA practices (58%) describe themselves at a mid-level of maturity. The team is moderately skilled and they focus on outcomes more than efficiency.
  • 16% have a budget <$500 K; 11% have a budget between $500 K–$1 M; and 11% have a budget over a $1,000,000.
  • The average budget is 2.7% of the HR budget.
  • 53% expect an increase in the HCA budget, while only 5% expect a decrease.
  • The average number of full-time staff is 3.3.
  • 95% of HCA staff have HR expertise; 58% have IT, data systems expertise; 53% have statistics, math, operations research; 37% have operations and support experience.
  • Most organizations (74%) ...

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