CHAPTER 5 Habit 3: Skilfully Executing (strengths-based culture): In which Joe practises stretching the limits and reinforces a strengths-based culture…


It is Friday morning and Joe is intent on practising the new behaviours he has learned to help spark engagement. He thanks everybody for completing their Strengthscope360™ assessment and asks each for feedback about how they felt after completing the assessment. Most agree that it felt energizing. Some admit that they are a little anxious about the feedback they'll be getting from the colleagues they'd invited to contribute.

“Tell me about it!” he laughs. “I'm still recovering from what you all said about me. In fact, let's not talk about it. Let's get cracking with crystallizing our picture of success – what this organization will look and feel like in let's say one year's time, and what we will have achieved,” he continues.

Working through an exercise Richard had shown him, Joe facilitates a discussion, with the help of Post-it notes, culminating in the following succinct statement:

“Tiger created the future of recruitment.”

Working with the team to visualize and list what people would be saying about them when they had achieved this, what they would be doing, what other signs of success there would be to signify that they had achieved their goal, was like lighting a firework. Well, for most of the team.

“That was a brilliant ...

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