Chapter 6

The IPM Scorecard

Idiscuss an approach to quantifying an information technology (IT) assessment utilizing the IT Pillars Model (IPM) in this chapter. This process of quantifying the IPM is part of the practice of assessing and optimizing an organization's IT function. The steps and processes covered thus far in this book are the fundamental building blocks in the optimization and assessment of IT; quantifying such assessments is a next logical step.

The output of the quantification of the IPM results in a report card or “scorecard” for a company's IT function. I refer to this output as the IPM Scorecard. The IPM Scorecard, discussed in greater detail later in the chapter, summarizes and documents the results of an IT assessment.

Generating an IPM Scorecard is an important step as such a scorecard can both standardize the rating process for an IT function and enable easier comparisons across companies. Such a scorecard can also facilitate benchmarking and comparison work over time using a consistent and understandable framework.

To offer some additional context, Figure 6.1 illustrates the steps involved in optimizing and assessing IT.

Figure 6.1 Steps for Optimizing and Assessing IT


The materials covered in Chapters 3 to 5 focused on the second step shown in Figure 6.1, “Assess the Situation,” Chapter 6 focuses on the third step in Figure 6.1, “Quantify the Situation.” ...

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