Chapter 8

The Strategy Pillar of a Mature Organization

Chapters 7 to 11 walk through the full information technology (IT) assessment and optimization steps outlined over Chapters 1 to 6 for a large and mature company with a host of legacy IT systems. For illustration's sake, the company I am discussing is Uppland Industries, a fictitious diversified industrial concern introduced in Chapter 7.

Figure 8.1 illustrates the steps involved in optimizing and assessing IT.

Figure 8.1 Steps for Optimizing and Assessing IT


The case study presented in this chapter covers all of the steps shown in Figure 8.1.


A view of the Strategy Pillar in the context of the IT Pillars Model (IPM) is shown in Figure 8.2.

Figure 8.2 Strategy Pillar in Context of IPM


The Strategy Pillar is illustrated in the context of the path from strategy to delivery in Figure 8.3.

Figure 8.3 Strategy Pillar in Context of Path from Strategy to Delivery


Over the remainder of the chapter, I both assess and cover optimization thoughts for each of the components of the Strategy Pillar—those of People, Process, and Technology.


A view of the People component of the Strategy Pillar for Uppland is offered ...

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