Chapter 16

The IPM Scorecard of a Growing Organization

Sigtuna's Information Technology (IT) Pillars Model (IPM) Scorecard for Case Study 2 is reviewed in this chapter. As I covered the individual ratings for each cell across the scorecard over the past three chapters, I address the pillar and overall ratings for both the assessed and optimized IPM Scorecards in this chapter.


Figure 16.1 offers a view of the completed assessed IPM Scorecard for Sigtuna Technologies. The company's assessed value was lower for the Project Management Pillar as compared to the Strategy and Operational Excellence pillars.

Figure 16.1 View of Assessed IPM Scorecard for Sigtuna


Pillar Ratings

Sigtuna is performing at a low level across the Strategy Pillar and has room to improve. Each of the three components of the pillar—People, Process, and Technology—rates at average or below. Given the growth potential of this business, this is an area that should be given attention.

Weakness across the Strategy Pillar can imply a lack of flexibility or agility in terms of a company's ability to change direction.

The assessed Strategy Pillar from the IPM Scorecard is shown in Figure 16.2.

Figure 16.2 View of Assessed Strategy Pillar in IPM Scorecard


Sigtuna is exceedingly weak across the Project Management ...

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