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Optimizing and Troubleshooting: Hyper-V Networking

Book Description

This scenario-focused title provides concise technical guidance and insights for troubleshooting and optimizing networking with Hyper-V. Written by experienced virtualization professionals, this little book packs a lot of value into a few pages, offering a lean read with lots of real-world insights and best practices for Hyper-V networking optimization in Windows Server 2012.

  • Focused guide extends your knowledge and capabilities with Hyper-V networking in Windows Server 2012

  • Shares hands-on insights from a team of Microsoft virtualization experts

  • Provides pragmatic troubleshooting and optimization guidance from the field

  • Table of Contents

    1. Special Upgrade Offer
    2. Introduction
      1. About the contributors
      2. About the companion content
      3. Acknowledgments
      4. Errata & book support
      5. We want to hear from you
      6. Stay in touch
    3. 1. Hyper-V networking tips
      1. Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V networking
        1. Best practices
        2. VLAN concepts and troubleshooting
        3. MAC addresses and virtual guests
        4. Network card drivers
        5. Example: Intel Teaming NIC driver and VMQ
      2. Additional resources
    4. 2. Monitoring network performance
      1. Using Performance Monitor
      2. Network performance counters
        1. Physical network adapters
        2. Virtual network adapters
        3. Virtual switch
      3. Example: Exhausted bandwidth
      4. Additional resources
    5. 3. Virtual switch
      1. Reducing network downtime with rich diagnostics in Hyper-V virtual switch
        1. System event log
        2. Performance counters
        3. Diagnostic event log and packet capture
        4. Packet capture within vmswitch
      2. Additional resources
    6. 4. Port mirroring
      1. Port mirroring example
      2. Additional resources
    7. 5. MAC addresses
      1. Hyper-V and MAC addresses
        1. Duplicate MAC addresses
        2. MAC address behavior during live migration
        3. Duplicate MAC addresses on a standalone host
        4. Duplicated MAC addresses due to address range overlapping
      2. Additional resources
    8. 6. Single Root I/O Virtualization
      1. SR-IOV Overview
        1. How SR-IOV works
        2. Enabling SR-IOV
        3. Enabling the guest operating system
        4. Implementing network redundancy
        5. Troubleshooting SR-IOV
      2. Additional resources
    9. 7. N_Port ID Virtualization
      1. Synthetic FC and NPIV
      2. Additional resources
    10. 8. Failover cluster networking
      1. Considerations when configuring your cluster network
        1. Resiliency
        2. Network Quality of Service
      2. Optimizing cluster health monitoring for transient cluster network failures
      3. Which networks are used for CSV redirected traffic?
        1. SMB Multichannel
        2. NetFT
      4. Additional resources
    11. 9. SMB Multichannel and CSV
      1. Windows Server 2012 SMB Multichannel and CSV Redirected traffic caveats
        1. The new way: Windows Server 2012 cluster network roles and metrics
        2. How SMB Multichannel changes the behavior to select the CSV cluster network
      2. Additional resources
    12. 10. Multitenant networking: Single cluster
      1. Scenario overview
        1. Option 1: Consolidated network (single NIC team)
          1. Requirement 1: Redundancy
          2. Requirement 2: Communication isolation
          3. Requirement 3: Performance
        2. Option 2: Multiple physical networks (many teams)
          1. Requirement 1: Redundancy
          2. Requirement 2: Communication isolation
          3. Requirement 3: Performance
      2. Additional resources
    13. 11. Multitenant networking: IaaS environment
      1. Guidance on Hyper-V networking for a multitenant IaaS environment
        1. Scenarios
        2. Physical separation
        3. Layer 2 and Layer 3 isolation
        4. NIC Teaming
      2. Additional resources
    14. 12. Virtual Machine Queue
      1. Example: Running out of virtual machine queues
      2. Additional resources
    15. 13. Hyper-V Replica
      1. Hyper-V Replica configuration troubleshooting
      2. Additional troubleshooting steps
      3. Additional resources
    16. 14. Network Virtualization
      1. Troubleshooting why two virtual machines on the same virtual machine network but different hosts can’t communicate
        1. Step 1: Check that each virtual machine has the same VirtualSubnetId
        2. Step 2: Check that the lookup records are correct on each host for the virtual machines
        3. Step 3: Check that a WNV subnet gateway address exists on each host for the virtual machines
        4. Step 4: Check that a WNV route exists on each host for each subnet in the virtual machine network
        5. Step 5: Check that each virtual machine’s host has the same provider address that was specified in the lookup records
        6. Step 6: Check that the provider routes are correct on each host
        7. Step 7: Check that each host has Network Virtualization bound to a network adapter
        8. Putting it all together
      2. Tracing the VMM Network Virtualization components
        1. Use Windows PowerShell to display configuration
          1. Get-NetVirtualizationLookupRecord
          2. Get-NetVirtualizationCustomerRoute
        2. Tracing VmSwitch and WNV
          1. Following packets routed through WNV
          2. Troubleshooting dropped packets
        3. Enable debug logging in System Center 2012 VMM SP1
        4. VMM DHCP Server tracing
      3. Additional resources
    17. 15. Automating network settings for hosts
      1. Automating the setup of a large number of Hyper-V hosts
      2. Additional resources
    18. 16. Client Hyper-V
      1. Wireless networking and network bridge
        1. The problem
        2. The solution
      2. Additional resources
    19. About the Author
    20. Special Upgrade Offer
    21. Copyright