Woodhead Publishing Series in Textiles

1. Watson’s textile design and colour Seventh edition

    Edited by Z. Grosicki

2. Watson’s advanced textile design

    Edited by Z. Grosicki

3. Weaving Second edition

    P. R. Lord and M. H. Mohamed

4. Handbook of textile fibres Volume 1: Natural fibres

    J. Gordon Cook

5. Handbook of textile fibres Volume 2: Man-made fibres

    J. Gordon Cook

6. Recycling textile and plastic waste

    Edited by A. R. Horrocks

7. New fibers Second edition

    T. Hongu and G. O. Phillips

8. Atlas of fibre fracture and damage to textiles Second edition

    J. W. S. Hearle, B. Lomas and W. D. Cooke

9. Ecotextile ‘98

    Edited by A. R. Horrocks

10. Physical testing of textiles

    B. P. Saville

11. Geometric symmetry ...

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