Chapter 3. Preparing to Implement Oracle in the Real World

In This Chapter

  • Understanding Oracle Deployment Methodologies

  • Verifying system requirements

  • Planning server and disk configuration

  • Post-installation setup steps

Before you create databases and store your data, you need to plan a few things that will make your implementation much easier. First and foremost, you need to determine your overall database architecture. Databases don't exist as standalone entities; they're part of an information system, and you need to understand how that system is laid out. This chapter looks at two of the most common deployment methodologies and helps you determine which method is right for you.

After you determine the right overall deployment plan, you need to make sure that your target environment meets the necessary requirements to host Oracle. This chapter not only looks at obvious requirements, such as server hardware and software, but it also looks at less reviewed (yet critical) requirements, such as user, configuration, and storage considerations. This chapter gives you the knowledge to make good judgments of where and how your Oracle database will be implemented.

Understanding Oracle Database Deployment Methodology

Oracle databases don't simply exist in isolation; they act as part of a computer system. Before installing your database, you need to know how your database fits into the overall system architecture. Some systems are more complex than others, but most fall into the following basic ...

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