Chapter 4. Creating an Oracle Database

In This Chapter

  • Familiarizing yourself with the Oracle environment

  • Configuring parameter files

  • Making a database in Oracle with the DCBA

It takes a lot of work to create a database.

It's true, a graphical tool called the Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA) helps you point and click your way to victory. However, as it's named implies, it only assists. Just like any software wizard-type tool, it can't cover every option; it can't explain everything. It does cover up some of the ugly syntax and other required activities (like creating directories and setting permissions) commonly forgotten by someone new to Oracle. It truly is a wonderful tool ... as long as you know what options to use and what values are appropriate for the questions that it asks you.

With that said, this chapter goes over some of the details necessary to make the right decisions up front when creating a database. This saves you from having to go back and do things twice ... or even three times. In addition, when you understand why you make certain choices, it helps you create a robust and scalable database that serves you for a long time to come.

Feeling at Home in Your Environment

You should get familiar with a few things before working in your Oracle environment:

  • Oracle software owner

  • Oracle version

  • Oracle base

  • Oracle home

  • Oracle SID (instance/database name)

  • Path

Knowing how to find and work with these, you will better be able to manage not only your database, but databases and Oracle ...

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