Chapter 10. Keeping the Database Running

In This Chapter

  • Performing daily common tasks

  • Automating Jobs via the Database Scheduler

  • Using Oracle Data Pump

In most instances, managing an Oracle database is a full-time job. That's why some people have the job title Oracle database administrator (DBA). A DBA must keep on top of a plethora of activities to make sure your database runs smoothly and doesn't let you down when you most need it.

The 11g Oracle database needs less attention in areas that were traditionally very hands-on. However, each release has new features that require the coddling and care that older features no longer need. Besides basic care and feeding, you might be asked to do some things on a regular basis: for example, loading data or scheduling jobs.

In this chapter we investigate some of the daily maintenance tasks you will find yourself doing, how to use the Oracle scheduler, and load and unload data using Oracle Data Pump.

Doing Your Chores

This section identifies some of the common actives you as DBA might perform. All databases are different. Each DBA has unique tasks and common management responsibilities. You might discover that not all the common tasks in this section apply to you. However, we think most of them do.

On the other hand, you might do something every day that's unique to your environment (and maybe everyone else's too). We apologize for that, but think this chapter's guidelines get you started toward a well-maintained, reliable database.

Making way, checking ...

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