Managing Oracle 11g Clusterware utilities

Oracle provides a suite of utilities and scripts that are to be used by the database administrator in charge of an Oracle 11g RAC environment. It is imperative to master these tools so that the 11g Clusterware can be monitored on a proactive basis to avoid any failures or downtimes in the clustered environment for Oracle 11g RAC. The key Clusterware administration utilities that we will discuss in this chapter include the following:

  • CRSCTL (Clusterware Control utility)
  • CRS_STAT (Cluster Ready Services Statistics)
  • OCRCHECK (Oracle Cluster Registry Check Utility)
  • OCRCONFIG (Oracle Cluster Registry Config Utility)
  • CLSCFG (Clusterware Config Tool)
  • CLUVFY (Clusterware Verification Utility)


The CRSCTL command ...

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