Relocating an RAC database and instances across nodes

Presuming you have an RAC database named RACNVT with an instance RACNVT1 running on raclinux1 node and you wish to relocate the instance permanently or temporally to raclinux2 node due to a prolonged maintenance scheduled on the raclunux1 node, or maybe the node resources are heavily consumed and you want to reduce the usage by relocating the instance. We are going to demonstrate here how to relocate an instance from one node to another.

The following output demonstrates where the RAC database and its instances are running:

[oracle@raclinux1 ~]$ ./ HA Resource Target State ------------ ------ ----- ora.RACNVT.RACNVT1.inst ONLINE ONLINE on raclinux1 ora.RACNVT.db ONLINE ONLINE on raclinux2 ...

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