Chapter 1

Discovering Databases and Oracle 12c

In This Chapter

arrow Defining databases

arrow Getting to know Oracle databases

arrow Identifying when using Oracle 12c is appropriate

arrow Understanding database administration

Welcome to the exciting world of databases, specifically Oracle 12c. Oracle is a recognized hardware and software giant on par with Microsoft in terms of size and influence. Oracle Corporation made its reputation and initial wealth with database technology and is still a recognized leader in databases. Many information technology (IT) professionals would agree Oracle databases provide the most advanced and capable means of storing, accessing, and managing data in the world today. As you read this book, you find out why many professionals hold that belief.

In this chapter, we explain what databases are, how they work, and why they’re a core component of any computer system. Next, we introduce Oracle databases and guide you on when to use Oracle 12c. Finally, we examine database administration and what a database administrator’s (DBA) role entails.

Discovering Databases

Since the earliest ...

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