Chapter 11

Facilitating Backup and Recovery

In This Chapter

arrow Knowing data integrity threats

arrow Protecting and backing up files

arrow Viewing backup information

arrow Understanding and maintaining archives

arrow Recovering your database

Forget the Boy Scouts. DBAs need to be prepared for anything. In addition to handling the database’s security, DBAs must protect the data. All kinds of threats are out there waiting to destroy or damage your information. A database can experience loss and corruption from hardware crashes, software bugs, failed processes, and, of course, human error. Depending on the severity of the issue, failure to protect the data can cause you a bit of pain and suffering at times. That’s not hyperbole: A lack of data integrity (or no data integrity at all!) can lead to several problems, including the loss of business revenue or even the loss of your job.

To safeguard your information (and to stay employed as a DBA), you need a backup and recovery plan. However, there’s no singular button ...

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