Apache JServ

Apache JServ is one of the most popular web servers running Java servlets. It is based on the basic Apache web server and is so good that Oracle Corporation itself has decided to incorporate it into its product set. The Apache JServ web server now lies at the heart of Oracle’s iAS (Internet Application Server). For more on this open source development at Oracle, check out the following web site:


In this section, we’ll run through two separate JServ installations, one for Unix and the other for Windows. Both are more involved than our usual installations, because there are a lot of bits and pieces making up the whole. Before carrying out this installation, make sure that you have already installed the JDK and then the JSDK, as described above.


You may want to follow our steps in order to install your own version of Apache. However, treat them only as general guidelines; for the most up-to-date information, check the README files and installation notes that come with the distribution.

Apache JServ, the Jakarta Project, and Tomcat

As we went to press, the older Java Apache project (http://java.apache.org) was being merged and migrated into the newer Jakarta project (http://jakarta.apache.org), which already includes the development team of the original Apache JServ web server product. The complete Jakarta project is itself an umbrella grouping of many smaller Apache subprojects; the general goal is to produce commercial-quality ...

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