Chapter 2. Architecture

If you understand the architecture of Oracle Application Server, you will have an excellent framework for understanding how the product works. Learning how the various components of Oracle Application Server interact can help you avoid many potential problems as you get the product up and running and provide a foundation that lets you quickly identify the root cause of any problems you do encounter.

Your particular role may determine what you want to learn from this chapter:


As a programmer, you may want to understand how Oracle Application Server handles each incoming request so that you can properly troubleshoot problems.


As a designer, you will want to know what features are available so that you can provide the best user interface.

Systems analyst or architect

As a systems analyst or architect, you may want to know what overall functions can be accomplished using the product.


As a manager, you may need a high-level understanding of Oracle Application Server so that you can compare it to similar middleware product offerings.

To best serve all these audiences, this chapter covers the big picture. We identify the major components of Oracle Application Server and explain how they interact. We also examine the product’s infrastructure and the management and high-availability options available with it. Our goal here is to give you enough information on each individual component (most of which were introduced very briefly in Chapter 1) so that ...

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