End-User Interaction

OracleAS Portal is designed to present information to end users. Although an administrator controls the basic creation and deployment of an OracleAS Portal site, end users can also take advantage of OracleAS Portal to customize their user experience, to search for information, or even to add content to an existing site.


End users have a habit of wanting things shown to them in a particular manner, and not all users in a community agree on what this exact manner should be. OracleAS Portal can help solve this problem by enabling end users to customize many aspects of their OracleAS Portal interaction.

You can grant the user the ability to customize the appearance of any of his pages. Customization can cover a wide range of possibilities, from setting the home page to changing the style of a page or page group, to actually moving, adding, or deleting portlets from a region. You can limit the degree of customization that any particular user has, as well as lock down any region in a page to prevent user customization of the content of the region.

Working with Content

OracleAS Portal was designed to be user friendly, from the way it displays information to the way it implements wizard-driven interfaces for developing some types of portlets. Individual end users can also work within the framework of an OracleAS Portal site to directly interact with content items.

With proper permissions, an end user can manipulate the items in a region. A user can add items ...

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