Chapter 15. Integration Components

Within your organization, you may have a mixture of business applications based on various technologies deployed in different areas of the business. You may also need to share data and business processes with other organizations and partners. To allow you to successfully manage the entire business, such disparate systems must be able to access and share business processes, data, and services. An integration strategy is key to making effective use of these resources.

Oracle Application Server integration components provide the framework needed to bring together such resources in a variety of ways:

  • Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) is enabled through collaborative interaction between applications.

  • Business-to-business (B2B) collaboration is enabled by an exchange of documents among “trading partners,” two parties that take part in a business transaction. Oracle sometimes refers to this scenario as OracleAS PartnerConnect.

  • Web Services integration enables business processes to incorporate Web Services present in local networks or externally over the Internet.

This Oracle Application Server integration framework allows you to establish a common view of data and business processes by providing these capabilities.

Two specific integration platforms are provided in Oracle Application Server 10g:

Oracle Application Server InterConnect

OracleAS InterConnect, available since the Oracle9iAS application server, provides high-speed message exchange (e.g., ...

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