Appendix C. Command-Line Utility Usage

In this appendix we'll identify the syntax and common usage for the following key utilities:

  • opmnctl. Controls 10g AS Oracle Process and Management Notification (OPMN).

  • dcmctl. Controls 10g AS Distributed Configuration Management (DCM).

  • emctl. Controls 10g AS Application Server Control (ASC) utility.

  • admin.jar. Used to manage OC4J application deployments and starts and stops the server.

opmnctl Usage

In this section we'll cover the purpose, location, common usage, and syntax for the opmnctl utility.


OPMN system is a background process that manages all the individual components for a given 10g AS instance. Each of these interrelated processes is managed by OPMN. If a process dies, OPMN will attempt to restart ...

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