Chapter 15. Advanced Replication

If you are using the advanced replication option, you will use Oracle built-in packages to create and maintain a replicated environment. This chapter describes packages and the roles they play in the configuration and upkeep of a multi-master environment.


Grants and revokes “surrogate SYS” privileges for an administrator account.


Creates administrator accounts for replication.


An enormous package that performs many different types of advanced replication operations. This chapter describes only the programs that deal with replication environment maintenance; the other DBMS_REPCAT programs are described in Chapter 14, and Chapter 16.


Enables and disables replication at the session level.


Instantiates sites—that is, lets you export data from an existing master site and import it into the new master site.


Compares the replicated tables at two master sites and allows you to synchronize them if they are different.

In this chapter, the presentation is more or less chronological—the packages and their programs are presented in roughly the order in which you would run them in a real advanced replication situation.

DBMS_REPCAT_AUTH: Setting Up Administrative Accounts

The first step in creating an advanced replication environment is to create administrative and end user accounts. The DBMS_REPCAT_AUTH and DBMS_REPCAT_ADMIN packages contain programs that grant and revoke the privileges ...

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