A DNS record type, 122

AAAA DNS record type, 122

access control lists (ACLs), 297

accounts, creating, 4–8

ACFS (ASM File System), 242

ACTION commands in instance power management, 174

Active Data Guard (ADG) option, 293, 355

Active Directory in federated OCI, 64

AD attribute in block volumes, 189

ADB. See autonomous database (ADB) systems

Add SSH Key screen, 158

add-vnic command, 175

administration in autonomous database systems, 302–303

ADs. See availability domains (ADs)

ADW (Autonomous Data Warehouse) services, 239–240

vs. ATP, 294

resources, 53

ALIAS DNS record type, 122

Amazon Web Services (AWS), 11

AMD processors for compute shapes, 143

API keys

OCI CLI, 327

Terraform, 334


federated OCI, 64–66

IAM resources, 40

OCIDs for, ...

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