Time for action – changing the database name

Follow these steps to change DB_UNIQUE_NAME of a database in the Data Guard broker configuration.

  1. Prior to changing the database name, disable the database from the configuration as follows:
     DGMGRL> show database 'INDIA_UN';
    Database - INDIA_UN
      Role:            PHYSICAL STANDBY
      Intended State:  APPLY-ON
      Transport Lag:   0 seconds
      Apply Lag:       0 seconds
      Real Time Query: ON
    Database Status:
    DGMGRL> disable database 'INDIA_UN';
  2. Change the DB_UNIQUE_NAME value of the standby database as follows:
    SQL> select db_unique_name,database_role from v$database; DB_UNIQUE_NAM DATABASE_ROLE ------------- ---------------- india_un PHYSICAL STANDBY SQL> alter system set db_unique_name='INDIA_NEW' ...

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