Loading a file containing a LOB

Loading large objects always requires special considerations. Here, we will create a multi-technology IKM (that is, an IKM that connects to a remote source data server) that loads CLOBs and BLOBs using an external table definition.

Getting ready

For this recipe, we will need to create three files on disk:

  • CLOB.TXT: use notepad and write This is a CLOB in this file. Save it on disk in your c:\temp directory.
  • BLOB.DOC: use a word processor program and create this file. Write this is a BLOB in the file and save it in your c:\temp directory.
  • Use notepad and create the file DATA.TXT with the following record:
    "Sample record with CLOB and BLOB", "CLOB.TXT", "BLOB.DOC"
  • Save this file in your c:\temp directory.
  • Create a table to ...

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