Oracle® Database 10g Insider Solutions

Book description

Oracle Database 10g Insider Solutions is a must-have reference guide for all Oracle professionals. It provides much-needed information on best practices, tips, and techniques in debugging, installation, deployment, and tuning of the Oracle 10g database. You can draw upon the experience and knowledge of these authors to find creative ways to put your Oracle database to work. The authors will also address common and not-so-common installation concerns, database administration, development, and tuning. Oracle Database 10g Insider Solutions will bring you the insider information that you can't get anywhere else.

Table of contents

  1. Copyright
  2. Preface
  3. About the Authors
  4. Acknowledgments
  5. We Want to Hear from You!
  6. Introduction
  7. Getting Started with Oracle Database 10g
    1. Exploring Oracle Database 10g Architecture
      1. Overview of New Features
      2. Processes Beneath the Hood
      3. Memory Architecture
      4. Automatic Undo Management
      5. SQL Advisors
      6. Oracle's Suite of Other Advisors
      7. Flash Recovery Area
      8. Flashback Operations
      9. Improved Oracle Enterprise Manager
      10. Grid Technology Unveiled
      11. Summary
    2. Installing Oracle Database 10g
      1. Installation Decisions
      2. Prerequisites
      3. Installing 10g on UNIX/Linux
      4. Oracle Database 10g DBCA Overview
      5. Installing 10g on Windows
      6. Companion CD Installation and Patches (All Platforms)
      7. Installation Checklists
      8. Database and Binary Cloning
      9. Using Enterprise Manager for Cloning
      10. Migrating a Database from 8i or 9i
      11. Overview of Database Upgrade Assistant
      12. Applying Patches to Database Installations
      13. Uninstalling from a Failed Install
      14. Summary
    3. Customizing Installation Options
      1. OEM and Automatic Alerts
      2. XML DB for XML Data Processing
      3. ConText and Other Options
      4. Setting Up RAC
      5. Managing Backups with RMAN
      6. Summary
    4. Setting Up Automatic Storage Management
      1. Automatic Storage Management (ASM)
      2. Prerequisites for Using ASM
      3. Configuration Options
      4. Performing ASM Operations
      5. Avoiding ASM Pitfalls
      6. When and Where to Use ASM
      7. Summary
  8. Quick Wins Using Oracle Database 10g
    1. Using Automatic Memory Management
      1. Introduction to Quick Wins
      2. What Is Automatic Shared Memory Management?
      3. Understanding Memory Advisor
      4. Automated Maintenance Tasks
      5. Memory Management Tips
      6. Scaling for Database Expansion
      7. ASMM Improvements in 10g Release 2
      8. Summary
    2. Monitoring with Automatic Statistics Collection
      1. Automatic Statistics Collection Fundamentals
      2. Collecting and Analyzing Statistics
      3. Metrics Monitoring and Customization
      4. Using Database Alerts with Metrics
      5. Making the Most of Metrics and Statistics Collection
      6. New Features in Oracle Database 10g Release 2
      7. Summary
    3. Managing Automatic Undo
      1. Using Automatic Undo Management
      2. Redo Log File Sizings
      3. Using Undo Advisor
      4. Guaranteeing Undo Availability
      5. Undo Tips from the Trenches
      6. Automatic Undo Management Improvements in Release 2
      7. Summary
    4. Leveraging Automatic Segment Management
      1. Segment Management in Oracle Database 10g
      2. Making Segment Management Work for You
      3. Using Segment Advisor
      4. Intelligent Segment Resource Estimation
      5. Space-Management Tips and Tricks
      6. ASSM Improvements in Release 2
      7. Summary
    5. Implementing Recovery Manager
      1. RMAN Basics
      2. New Features of RMAN
      3. Recovery Without Hurdles
      4. New Features in Oracle Database 10g Release 2
      5. Summary
  9. Tuning Oracle Database 10g
    1. Adopting a New Approach to Tuning
      1. A New Performance Philosophy
      2. New and Improved Views
      3. Time and Wait Model
      4. OEM and Tuning
      5. New Features in Oracle Database 10g Release 2
      6. Summary
    2. Effectively Using the Automatic Workload Repository
      1. Introducing the AWR
      2. Customizing the AWR
      3. Performing Baselining
      4. Active Session History
      5. New Features in Oracle Database 10g Release 2
      6. Summary
    3. Effectively Using the Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor
      1. Introduction to ADDM
      2. Interfacing to ADDM
      3. Making Sense of ADDM Data
      4. New Features in Oracle Database 10g Release 2
      5. Summary
    4. Effectively Using the SQL Advisors
      1. Automating the SQL Advisors
      2. Using the Advisors for Tuning
      3. Avoiding Advisor Pitfalls
      4. New Features in Oracle Database 10g Release 2
      5. Summary
    5. Influencing the Cost Based Optimizer
      1. New Optimizer Improvements
      2. SQL Profiles
      3. Effective Use of Histograms
      4. New Features in Oracle Database 10g Release 2
      5. Summary
  10. Scaling and Availability with Oracle Database 10g
    1. Utilizing Oracle Database 10g Real Applications Clusters
      1. Oracle 10g RAC Overview
      2. Cluster Ready Services
      3. Service Workload Management
      4. 10g RAC Installation and Migration Enhancements
      5. 10g RAC Manageability Enhancements
      6. Automatic Storage Management for Cluster Management
      7. Third-Party Cluster Management Support
      8. Limited Rolling Upgrade with OPATCH
      9. 10g RAC Tips for Better Use
      10. Advanced RAC Features in Oracle Database 10g Release 2
      11. Summary
    2. Utilizing 10g Physical and Logical Standby with Data Guard
      1. Oracle 10g Data Guard Overview
      2. General Improvements with Oracle 10g Data Guard
      3. Logical Standby Improvements
      4. Data Guard Broker Improvements
      5. Applying Patch Sets with Data Guard in Place
      6. New Features in Oracle Database 10g Release 2
      7. Summary
    3. Effectively Using Flashback Technologies
      1. Brief Overview of Flashback Technology
      2. Flashback Database
      3. Flashback Table
      4. Flashback Drop with Recycle Bin
      5. Flashback Versions Query
      6. Flashback Transaction Query
      7. Advanced Flashback Features in Oracle Database 10g Release 2
      8. Summary
    4. Leveraging Grid Technology Features
      1. What Exactly Is the Grid?
      2. Oracle's Version of the Grid
      3. Managing the Grid
      4. Summary
  11. Using Oracle Database 10g Utilities and Other Advanced Features
    1. Maximizing Data Movement with Oracle Data Pump
      1. Oracle 10g Data Pump Enhancements
      2. External Table Enhancements
      3. Advanced Data Pump Features in Oracle Database 10g Release 2
      4. Summary
    2. Using 10g SQL*Plus and iSQL*Plus
      1. 10g SQL*Plus Enhancements
      2. 10g iSQL*Plus Enhancements
      3. Advanced iSQL*Plus and SQL*Plus Features in Oracle Database 10g Release 2
      4. Summary
    3. Making the Most of Oracle Database 10g
      1. A Collection of Useful Features
      2. DML/DDL Features
      3. Network Features
      4. Security Features
      5. Resource Manager and Scheduler
      6. New Database Initialization Parameters
      7. Oracle Streams Enhancements
      8. MetaLink Integration with Oracle Database 10g
      9. Oracle Database 10g EM Patch Cache
      10. Oracle Applications 11i with Oracle Database 10g
      11. Summary
  12. Index

Product information

  • Title: Oracle® Database 10g Insider Solutions
  • Author(s): Arun Kumar R., John Kanagaraj, Richard Stroupe
  • Release date: August 2005
  • Publisher(s): Sams
  • ISBN: 0672327910