Oracle Database 12c New Features

Book Description

Maximize the New and Improved Features of Oracle Database 12c

Written by Master Principle Database Expert, Oracle, and Oracle ACE Robert G. Freeman, this Oracle Press guide describes the myriad new and enhanced capabilities available in the latest Oracle Database release. Inside, you’ll find everything you need to know to get up and running quickly on Oracle Database 12c. Supported by running commentary from world-renowned Oracle expert Tom Kyte, and with additional contributions by Oracle experts Eric Yen and Scott Black, Oracle Database 12c New Features offers detailed coverage of:

  • Installing Oracle Database 12c
  • Architectural changes, such as Oracle Multitenant
  • The most current information on upgrading and migrating to Oracle Database 12c
  • The pre-upgrade information tool and parallel processing for database upgrades
  • Oracle Real Application Clusters new features, such as Oracle Flex Cluster, Oracle Flex Automatic Storage Management, and Oracle Automatic Storage Management Cluster File System
  • Oracle RMAN enhancements, including cross-platform backup and recovery
  • Oracle Data Guard improvements, such as Fast Sync, and Oracle Active Data Guard new features, such as Far Sync
  • SQL, PL/SQL, DML, and DDL new features
  • Improvements to partitioning manageability, performance, and availability
  • Advanced business intelligence and data warehousing capabilities
  • Security enhancements, including privileges analysis, data redaction, and new administrative-level privileges
  • Manageability, performance, and optimization improvements

Table of Contents

  1. Cover 
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. About the Authors
    1. About the Contributors
      1. About the Technical Editor
  5. Contents at a Glance
  6. Contents 
  7. Foreword
  8. Acknowledgments
  9. Introduction
  10. Chapter 1: Getting Started with Oracle Database 12c
    1. Downloading and Staging Oracle Database 12c
    2. Preparing to Install Oracle Database 12c
      1. Review the Install Guides and Read-Me Files
      2. Make Sure Your OS Platform Has All Required Updates Installed
      3. Make Sure Your Platform Meets the Minimum Requirements
      4. Create the Required OS Groups and Users
      5. Configure the Kernel Parameters
      6. Check Whether Any Patches Are Required Prior to the Install
      7. Finish the Pre-Install Steps
    3. Installing and Deinstalling Oracle Database 12c
      1. Prepare to Start the OUI
      2. Install Oracle Database 12c Using the OUI
      3. Deinstall Oracle Database 12c with the OUI
    4. The Death of Database Control and Birth of Database Express
      1. Database Express Prerequisites
    5. Accessing Database Express
      1. Navigating Database Express
    6. End of Line
  11. Chapter 2: Upgrading and Migrating to Oracle Database 12c
    1. Introductory Comments
      1. The Difference Between Upgrading and Migrating a Database
      2. Upgrading Is Complex—Tread Carefully
      3. Why Upgrade? What’s the Big Deal
    2. New Features Related to Upgrading to Oracle Database 12c
      1. Pre-Upgrade Information Tool
      2. Parallel Processing for Database Upgrades
      3. Restartable DBUA
      4. Pre- and Post-Upgrade Summary Report Enhancements
      5. Installation of Oracle XML Database During the Upgrade
    3. Preparing for an Upgrade to Oracle Database 12c
      1. Read, and Then Read Some More
      2. Testing
      3. Check for Compatibility Issues
      4. Consider Removing Database Control Before You Upgrade
      5. Back Up the Source Database
      6. Choose an Upgrade or Migration Method
      7. More About the Pre-Upgrade Information Tool
      8. Getting Ready to Upgrade or Migrate
    4. Upgrading to Oracle Database 12c with the Database Upgrade Assistant
      1. Starting the DBUA
      2. Upgrading with DBUA
    5. Upgrading to Oracle Database 12c Manually
      1. Manual Upgrade Pre-Upgrade Steps
      2. Performing the Manual Upgrade
      3. Manual Upgrade Post-Upgrade Steps
      4. Other Post-Upgrade Steps to Consider
    6. Migrating to Oracle Database 12c with Oracle Data Pump
      1. The Benefits of Using Oracle Data Pump When Migrating to Oracle Database 12c
      2. Using Oracle Data Pump to Migrate Your Database to Oracle Database 12c
      3. Rolling Upgrades
    7. Rolling Back the Upgrade
    8. Miscellaneous Changes to Be Aware of After Upgrading
    9. End of Line
  12. Chapter 3: Oracle Multitenant
    1. Introducing Oracle Multitenant
      1. The Multitenant Container Database
      2. The Pluggable Database
    2. CDBs and PDBs and the Data Dictionary
      1. The CDB Data Dictionary and V$ Views
      2. The PDB Data Dictionary
      3. CDB/PDB Administration
      4. CDB/PDB Object Administration Data Dictionary Queries
    3. Creating, Deleting, and Modifying PDBs
      1. Creating a PDB from the Seed Database
      2. Cloning a PDB from an Existing PDB
      3. Cloning a PDB from a PDB in a Remote CDB
      4. Unplugging a PDB and Plugging a PDB into a CDB
      5. Plugging in a Non-CDB as a PDB
      6. Removing a PDB
      7. Renaming a PDB
    4. Using Oracle Multitenant as a Consolidation Tool
    5. Oracle Multitenant and Resource Management
    6. Administration of CDBs and PDBs
      1. Administration of CDBs
      2. Administration of PDBs
    7. Backup and Recovery of CDBs and PDBs
      1. Backup Features Available at the CDB Level
      2. Backup Features Available for PDBs
      3. RMAN Restore and Recovery Features for CDBs and PDBs
      4. Other Backup and Recovery Features for CDBs and PDBs
    8. End of Line
  13. Chapter 4: Oracle Grid Infrastructure
    1. Flex Clusters
    2. Flex ASM
      1. Flex ASM Architecture
      2. Installing and Configuring Flex ASM
    3. ASM Enhancements
      1. Password Files
      2. ASM Rebalance and Resync
    4. ACFS Enhancements
      1. File Support
      2. Highly Available NFS
      3. ACFS Snapshots
      4. Other Enhancements
    5. End of Line
  14. Chapter 5: Backup, Recovery, and Data Guard New Features
    1. RMAN-Related New Features
      1. Improvements in Incremental and Multisection Backups
      2. Recovery of Databases Over the Network Using Backup Sets from a Standby Database
      3. Active Database Duplication Improvements
      4. Cross-Platform Backup and Recovery Improvements
      5. Recovering Tables and Partitions with RMAN
      6. Miscellaneous RMAN New Features
    2. Oracle Data Guard New Features
      1. The SYSDG Privilege
      2. The Far Sync Instance
      3. Cascaded Redo Transport Destinations
      4. Fast-Sync Mode
      5. Other New Standby Database and Data Guard Features
    3. End of Line
  15. Chapter 6: Oracle Database 12c SQL and PL/SQL New Features
    1. Oracle Database 12c DML New Features
      1. Row Pattern Matching
      2. Enhancements to the Oracle Native Left Outer Join Syntax
      3. Top-n Query New Features
      4. Concurrent Execution of Union and Union All Branches
    2. Oracle Database 12c DDL New Features
      1. Increased Size Limits for VARCHAR2, NVARCHAR2, and RAW Data Types
      2. Identity Columns
      3. Cascading Truncate Statements
      4. Invisible Columns
      5. Default Values for Columns Based on Oracle Sequences
      6. Default Values for Columns on Explicit NULL Insertion
      7. Sequence-Related New Features
      8. Creating Multiple Indexes on the Same Column Set
      9. With Clause New Features
    3. Oracle Database 12c PL/SQL New Features
      1. Using the Bequeath Clause on Views
      2. PL/SQL Subprogram White Lists
      3. Using PL/SQL-Specific Data Types Across the PL/SQL-to-SQL Interface
      4. Changes to Security Privileges on Invoker Rights PL/SQL Program Units
      5. Granting Roles to PL/SQL Packages and Stand-Alone Subprograms
      6. A Final Word on PL/SQL New Features
    4. End of Line
  16. Chapter 7: Partitioning Enhancements
    1. Moving Partitions Online
    2. Interval-Reference Partitioning
    3. Cascade Functionality
    4. Partition Maintenance Operations on Multiple Partitions
    5. Partial Indexes
      1. Creating Partitions With or Without Indexing
      2. Partial Indexing of Partitions Within a Partitioned Table
    6. Global Index Maintenance
    7. Automatic Global Statistics
    8. End of Line
  17. Chapter 8: Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing
    1. Advanced Analytics
      1. New Algorithms
      2. Search Capabilities
      3. Prediction Detail Functions
    2. OLAP
    3. Information Lifecycle Management
      1. In-Database Archiving and Temporal Validity
      2. Automatic Data Optimization
      3. Compression
    4. Temporal History
      1. In-Database Archiving, Temporal Validity, and Temporal History
    5. Performance Enhancements
    6. End of Line
  18. Chapter 9: Security New Features
    1. Auditing
      1. Changes in the SGA
      2. Separation of Duties
      3. Basic Audit Information
      4. Extended Audit Information
    2. Privilege Analysis
      1. Privilege Analysis Overview
      2. Privilege Analysis Example
    3. Data Redaction
      1. Data Redaction Scenario
    4. Miscellaneous Security Improvements
    5. Mixing and Matching Security Features
    6. End of Line
  19. Chapter 10: Oracle Database 12c Manageability New Features
    1. Online Operations
      1. Enhanced Online DDL Capabilities
      2. Lock Timeout Available for Online Redefinitions
      3. Move a Datafile Online
      4. Single Command to Redefine Certain Table or Partition Storage-Related Definitions
      5. Support for Redefinition of Tables with VPD Policies
    2. Database Monitoring and Administration
      1. Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Express
      2. Real-Time Database Operations Monitoring
      3. Real-Time ADDM Monitoring
    3. Miscellaneous Manageability Features
      1. PGA Size Limits
      2. New Administrator Privileges
      3. Real Application Testing Changes
    4. End of Line
  20. Chapter 11: Oracle Database 12c Performance New Features
    1. Statistics-Related New Features
      1. Automatic Column Group Detection
      2. Concurrent Statistics Gathering
      3. Enhancements to Incremental Statistics
      4. Online Statistics Gathering for Bulk Loads
      5. Session-Private Statistics for Global Temporary Tables
      6. Running Statistics Gathering Options in Reporting Mode
      7. Reports on Past Statistics Collection Operations
    2. Optimizer-Related New Features
      1. Adaptive Query Optimization
      2. Histograms
    3. End of Line
  21. Chapter 12: Other Oracle Database 12c New Features
    1. Data Pump Export and Import New Features
      1. The views_as_tables Parameter
      2. Moving Databases Across Platforms, Regardless of Byte Format, with Transportable Tablespaces
      3. Transform Clause New Features
      4. Data Pump Fully Supports Oracle’s New Multitenant Database Technologies
      5. Enable Unified Auditing for Data Pump Jobs
      6. Miscellaneous Enhancements to Data Pump
    2. Oracle SQL*Loader Enhancements
      1. SQL*Loader Express Mode
      2. SQL*Loader Support for Identity Columns
      3. SQL*Loader Support for Extended Data Types
      4. SQL*Loader Support for Unified Auditing
      5. SQL*Loader dNFS-Related Features
      6. SQL*Loader Control File New Clauses
      7. SQL*Loader Command-Line Enhancements
    3. Oracle External Table Enhancements
    4. Oracle Log Miner Enhancements
    5. ADR DDL and Debug Logs
    6. Oracle SecureFiles Enhancements
    7. Oracle R Enterprise, Hadoop, and MapReduce
      1. Oracle R Enterprise
      2. Hadoop/MapReduce in the Oracle Database
    8. CloneDB
    9. SQL Translation Framework
    10. End of Line
  22. Appendix A: Deprecated and Desupported Features in Oracle Database 12c
    1. Defining Deprecation and Desupport
    2. Deprecated Features in Oracle Database 12c
    3. Desupported Features in Oracle Database 12c
    4. Deprecated Parameters in Oracle Database 12c
    5. Deprecated Views in Oracle Database 12c
  23. Appendix B: New Parameters and Views in Oracle Database 12c
    1. New Parameters in Oracle Database 12c
    2. New Views in Oracle Database 12c
  24. Index

Product Information

  • Title: Oracle Database 12c New Features
  • Author(s): Robert Freeman
  • Release date: December 2013
  • Publisher(s): Oracle Press
  • ISBN: 9780071799317