Oracle Database 12C Certified Professional

Video description

In this Oracle Database 12c Certified Professional - SQL Foundations training course, expert author Steve Ries will teach you the fundamentals of the SQL programming language, as well as prepare you for the first test in the Oracle certification track. This course is designed for the absolute beginner, meaning no experience with Oracle 12c is required.
You will start by learning about the Oracle relational database, then jump into learning about the SQL SELECT statement. From there, Steve will teach you about conditionals in SQL, conversion functions, and implicit and explicit joins. This video tutorial also covers subqueries, data manipulation, and data definition language. Finally, you will learn about the exam, and Steve will provide you with hints and strategies to help you prepare.
Once you have completed this computer based training course, you will be fully capable of using the SQL programming language. You will also have gained the knowledge necessary to prepare for the Oracle Database 12c SQL Fundamentals exam. Working files are included, allowing you to follow along with the author throughout the lessons.

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
    1. What You Should Expect From This Course
    2. About The Author
  2. The Oracle Relational Database
    1. The Relational Database
    2. The Oracle 12C RDBMS
    3. Structured Query Language
    4. Setting Up SQL Developer
    5. Setting Up Oracle APEX
  3. The SQL SELECT Statement
    1. The Syntax Of SQL
    2. Projecting Columns In A SQL Statement
    3. Using DESCRIBE
    4. Using Aliases In SQL
    5. Arithmetic Operators
    6. Displaying Unique Values With DISTINCT
    7. Concatenating Values
  4. Conditionals In SQL Statements
    1. Selectivity And WHERE Clause Syntax
    2. Conditions Of Equality
    3. Conditions Of Non-Equality
    4. Range Conditions With BETWEEN
    5. Set Conditions With IN
    6. Pattern Matching With LIKE
    7. Boolean Conditions
    8. Sorting Data With ORDER BY
    9. Sort Ordering And Secondary Sorts
    10. Ampersand Substitution
  5. Row Level Data Transformation
    1. Understanding Single-Row Functions
    2. Case Conversion Functions
    3. Basic String Manipulation Functions
    4. Advanced String Manipulation Functions
    5. Date Functions
    6. Arithmetic Functions
  6. Conversion Functions And Conditional Expressions
    1. Date To Character Conversion
    2. Character To Date Conversion
    3. Numeric Conversion
    4. Conditional Expression Functions
  7. Aggregate Data Transformation
    1. Group Functions
    2. Grouping Data With GROUP BY
    3. Row Exclusion With HAVING
    4. Using SQL Clauses Together
  8. Combining Data
    1. Explicit Versus Implicit Join Notation
    2. Implicit Cartesian Joins
    3. Implicit Equijoins
    4. Implicit Outer Joins
    5. Explicit Cross Joins
    6. Ambiguous Explicit Joins With NATURAL JOIN
    7. Explicit Column Joins With JOIN USING
    8. Fully Specified Explicit Joins With JOIN ON
    9. Self Joins And Non-Equijoins
    10. Multi-Table Joins
  9. Subqueries And Set Operators
    1. Solving Problems With Subqueries
    2. Basic Scalar Subqueries
    3. Advanced Scalar Subqueries
    4. Multi-Row Subqueries
    5. Correlated Subqueries
    6. Multi-Column Subqueries
    7. Nested Subqueries
    8. Using Set Operators
  10. Data Manipulation And DML
    1. Create Data With INSERT
    2. Modify Data With UPDATE
    3. Remove Data With DELETE And TRUNCATE
    4. Transaction Control
  11. Data Definition Language
    1. The Purpose Of DDL
    2. Oracles Schema Based Approach
    3. Database Objects
    4. Column Datatypes
    5. The CREATE TABLE Statement
    6. Avoiding Datatype Errors
    7. Modifying Tables With ALTER TABLE
    8. The NOT NULL Constraint
    9. PRIMARY KEY Constraint
    10. FOREIGN KEY Constraint
    11. UNIQUE Constraint
    12. CHECK Constraint
  12. Certification Exam Preparation
    1. About The Exam
    2. Hints And Strategies For Preparation
  13. Conclusion
    1. Wrap Up

Product information

  • Title: Oracle Database 12C Certified Professional
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: November 2014
  • Publisher(s): Infinite Skills
  • ISBN: 9781771373159