Playing with RMAN, FRA, and catalog views

Now that we have all configured for RMAN (including our catalog), let's play with our environment.

Monitoring a backup

Of course, to be able to monitor a backup running in our database, we will need to first run our scripts using the following command:


Now that we have our backup running, open a new terminal, connect to SQL*Plus, and execute the following command:

SQL> SELECT sid, serial#, context, sofar, totalwork, round(sofar/totalwork*100,2) "%_COMPLETE"
 2   FROM   v$session_longops
 3   WHERE  opname like 'RMAN%'
 4   AND    opname not like '%aggregate%'
 5   AND    totalwork !=0
 6   AND    sofar <> totalwork


This script will show the completed percentage of the current channels, ...

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