abort shutdowns, 85

ACFSUTIL command, ASM, 60

Active Data Guard, 290–291

Active Session History (ASH) view, AWR, 236

active standby databases, 290–291

active/active clustering, SQL Server, 276–277

active/passive clustering, SQL Server, 276

activity monitors, AWR, 224

Address Windowing Extensions (AWE), 19

administrator client, 120

Administrators section, of Enterprise Manager Configuration, 111–112

advanced queues, Oracle Streams, 305

Advanced Replication, 307

ADVISE FAILURE command, data recovery, 147–148

Advised Recovery section, Oracle, 149

AFTER trigger, 248

AL32UTF8 (Unicode character set), international language databases, 91–92

alert log

avoiding “checkpoint not complete” alert in, 41, 198–199

cleaning up older, 204

DBAs monitoring ...

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