Chapter 10. Introducing the SQLJ Technology and Oracle’s Implementation


This section looks at what exactly SQLJ is and why you should consider using it. Readers who are familiar with the SQLJ technology and Oracle SQLJ may skip this overview.

What Is SQLJ?

In 1997, a group of engineers from IBM Tandem and Oracle started a project to allow embedding of SQL statements in Java. Sun, Sybase, and Informix joined the group, which gave birth to the “JSQL” specifications that were submitted to ANSI; as they say, the rest is history!

The SQLJ Specification

SQLJ is an umbrella name for an ANSI SQL-1999 (SQL3 or SQL-99) multipart specification, which comprises:

  • Part 0—Embedded SQL in Java: Specifies the ability to embed SQL statements in Java, similar ...

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