Oracle Version Options

Far too often, people have the expectation that using expensive hardware is the only way to obtain optimal performance from their data warehouse. They'll spend a lot of money to throw both hardware and software at their performance problems, including items such as:

  • More memory

  • Faster CPUs

  • Newer CPUs

  • 64-bit CPUs

  • Multi-CPU servers (symmetric multi-processing [SMP] or massively parallel processing [MPP])

  • 64-bit UNIX

  • 64-bit Oracle

  • RAID disk arrays (storage area network [SAN] or network-attached storage [NAS])

  • More disk array memory cache

  • Faster disk drives (e.g., 15,000 RPM)

  • More disks (i.e., switch RAID-5 to RAID-1+0)

  • RAW[1] devices

    [1] There are two common kinds of operating file systems: cooked and raw. With cooked file systems, the ...

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