© Luc Bors, Ardhendu Samajdwer, Mascha van Oosterhout 2020
L. Bors et al.Oracle Digital Assistanthttps://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4842-5422-6_4

4. Where Design and Implementation Meet

Luc Bors1 , Ardhendu Samajdwer2 and Mascha van Oosterhout2
Houten, The Netherlands
Bilthoven, The Netherlands


In the previous chapters, you learned all about a chatbot’s design and how Extreme Hiking Holidays designed their Digital Assistant, Travvy. The actual implementation of this Digital Assistant can be done by developers by coding all the flow logic, but Oracle Digital Assistant (ODA) offers a feature that can be used by both business users and designers to set up the initial version of a Digital Assistant after which the developer can take over ...

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