Creating Back-to-Back orders

Customers may request Items that are not in stock and need to be ordered from a supplier to replenish stock.

In this recipe, we will create an order for goods that are not in stock, but need to be ordered from a supplier.

How to do it...

Let's list the steps required to create the Back-to-Back order:

  1. Select the Order Management responsibility.
  2. Navigate to Orders, Returns | Quick Sales Order.
    How to do it...
  3. In the Cust Name / # field, enter SheepWall.
  4. In the Order Type field, enter Mixed.
  5. Select the Ordered Item field in the Main tab and enter PRD20008.
  6. Enter 2 in the Qty field.
  7. View the ATO box by selecting Folder | Show Field and select

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