Creating pop-up menu items

We are going to add some entries to the default pop-up menu. This is standard in all forms and is activated by right-clicking the mouse. We are going to add three different types of pop-up menu items as follows:

  • A pop-up menu item
  • A pop-up menu item with a line separator
  • A pop-up menu item that is disabled

To achieve this we need to perform the following tasks:

  • Adding items to a pop-up menu
  • Compiling the form
  • Capturing pop-up menu events

Adding items to a pop-up menu

We are going to modify the pop-up menu, which is activated by a right mouse click when in the block. We therefore need to create the additional pop-up menu items in a PRE-POP-UP trigger at block level.

How to do it...

To add a PRE-POPUP-MENU trigger, perform the ...

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