Updating records

We are now going to create an icon that will navigate to our createSocietyPG page and query back the society and allow us to update it. We will perform the following tasks to update the society record:

  • Adding an update icon
  • Adding the logic when the update icon is clicked on
  • Adding the code to process the update in the createSocietyPG page
  • Adding the updateSociety method

Adding an update icon

Firstly, we will add the update icon to the master-detail page.

How to do it...

To add an icon for the updating society, perform the following steps:

  1. In Applications Navigator, click on the EmpSocietiesPG.xml page.
  2. In the Structure pane, right-click on the EmpSocietiesRN detail region. Select New and then select column from the pop-up menu, as shown ...

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